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The web and mobile application is the most growing areas of application development. Even when more and more hardware devices appears, their choice is often a web driven application.

We specializes in the Java and JavaScript languages with the prior against the front-end and the communication layer with a great interest in the architectural layer of the application as well as system wide.

Area of expertise

Developer skills


With the mobile platform of Android, the Java application is grown to be one of the more commonly used languages out there. We got a long experience with Java.


As with Java grown with the mobile platforms, the JavaScript has through the web pages and applications grown to be the most exposed language in the world. It's now integrated not only into your browser, but into client applications as well as servers.


In browser based applications, JavaScript is nothing worth without the work of HTML and CSS to layout and present the information to the user.


There's always a need to get into native environment and thus Java is great, it doesn't always fit in the all environments.

Pascal and Basic

We're rusty, but able to manage it.

Graphical environment


More or less the only tool you need for graphics, photographical works and retouching.


A great tool for handling collections of images/photos

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